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At The Parc, we feel it is very important for dogs to get exercise and playtime regardless of the weather.  That’s why we’ve designed our facility with beautiful outdoor and climate controlled indoor activity areas.  Our outdoor area is over 3,000 square feet and features state-of-the-art Ultimate K-9 Turf.  Our indoor facility was smartly designed to be flexible, allowing it to configure as one large event area or up to three separate rooms for play groups featuring different size dogs and play styles.  Cooled in the Summer, heated in the Winter and dry in the rain, it is perfect for the dogs in any weather!

                                                 Our guests enjoy playing ball in our climate controlled indoor playrooms!

Boarding Play


Our canine boarding guests receive all-day play (up to 6 hours) as an included part of our boarding services 7 days a week*.  We don’t cut down our play schedule just because it’s the weekend.  The dogs are separated into groups with compatible playmates and are supervised by one of our trained staff members at all times.  Owners can even log in to watch their pets on our indoor and outdoor webcams.


For Pit Bulls, American Staffordshire Terriers, other dogs not suited for group play and those requested by Owners, we provide those guests with at least one individual or family-only play/exercise session per day (usually 2.) 

*Abbreviated play sessions run on the following holidays: New Year's Eve/Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve/Day 

For more information on boarding, please visit our Suites page.




Doggie Daycare


At The Parc we offer Doggie Daycare 7 days a weeks (excluding holiday weeks - please call for availability) with convenient drop of hours of 7am – 10am and pick up hours of 4pm – 7pm.  Daycare guests are provided with their own suite to rest comfortably and safely before, after and during the rest break of our play sessions.  The dogs are separated into compatible groups and play for up to 6 hours with a mid-day rest period.  Owners may select a special treat from our Room Service Menu to be served to their pet during the rest period for a small additional charge or may bring a snack, toy, or treat of their own from home.  Weather permitting, the dogs enjoy both our indoor and outdoor activity areas and Owners can look in on them throughout the day via our webcams.  Day Boarding is also available for those dogs not physically able to attend daycare.  Reservations for both the services are required.



Package days may be used by multiple dogs in same family and are valid for 1 calendar year from date of purchase.


                                    Single Day                           $22.00 per Day
                                    10 Day Package                  $20.00 per Day  ($200.00)
                                    20 Day Package                  $18.00 per Day  ($360.00)

                                    Over 2 Dogs                        Each Add Dog $11.00 or 1/2 Pckg Day

                            Spa & Play Day (Any Bath or Groom + 1/2 Day of Play)
                                     Spa Service Price + $11 or 1/2 Package Day
                                  For more information, please see our Spa page.



Web Cam Viewing
We offer web cam viewing of some of our play areas to allow you to check in on your pets while you are away. 
These cameras are operational from 8am to 5pm daily with occasionally extended hours.  Please keep in mind that due 
to camera constraints, you will not be able to view all of our 6,000 square feet of play area.  If you do not see your 
dog through these cameras he/she is likely playing or resting in an area not accessible to the cameras.  In addition, for the   safety 
of our guests, we have a rest period mid-day where everyone rests comfortably in one of our suites.  We do not
videotape any of our play sessions so no recordings are being made of your pets.

To view one of our web cams, click on a link below.  Once connected, select "View Video" in the center of the screen.  To view our webcams your security settings must allow the video feed to come in.  Firefox and Chrome seem to work best.  The larger the device, the better the system works.  So a tablet works better than a phone and a laptop better than either.  If you reach the purple Linksys screen the camera is functioning on our end.  Any adjustment needed from there would be on your end.

Please remember that this is a complimentary service and no guarantees are made for viewing your pet as technical issues do sometimes arise and some pets play in off-camera areas.  

Thank you and enjoy!



Camera B  (usually big dogs)


Kitty Cam!

                   Camera C  (usually small dogs)

                    Camera A (usually medium dogs)
                   Camera D (usually playful dogs)


Coming Soon


The Parc is planning to offer a variety of “Sports” including


  • Training – Obedience, Agility, Socialization and more.
  • Play Groups – Puppy, Breed Specific, Owner Socials and more.
  • Birthday Parties 






                                  Your Pet Will Love It At The Parc!

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